Shock as a guy files a case against his brother over chicken.

Paultry is an important agricultural practice that most people love, but it found Boniface Wechuli in trouble today morning after his young brother accused him in a law court over chicken.

Bushuru Wechuli moved to Harambee police  station, in Matungu sub county, Kakamega county, today morning and filed a case against his brother  Boniface, for letting his chicken destroy his crops in the farm.

Bushuru claims to have been growing beans over the years but has been witnessing poor production due to destruction from his brother’s chicken which feeds on his crops.

“I have been warning my brother’s wife on a regular basis against leaving their chicken to feed on my crops but they have assumed. I have even advised them to restrict their chicken, ” he argued.

This Musamba village residents have been raised up together in a polygamous family as good brothers but issues started arising in the family after the demise of their father in the year 2015.

Benson Wamalwa Wechuli, a young brother to the family claimed that Bushuru’s wife has been also accusing him over the same case, despite him restricting his chicken.

” I have always been restricting my chicken each and every planting season but my brother’s wife has always been complaining that they destroy her crops.”

Harambee police  have so far called the  family members to listen and hear from them if there have been any social differences in the family before making any judgement.


Meet Eko Dydda’s amazing family.

Eko Dydda is a Kenyan gospel artiste who really have passion in his work,making hit after hit.

The 2017 groove award winner has a pretty wife, whom they have been blessed with two boys,who are musically talented as their father.

Eko Dydda is very tribeless, and this drove him to acquiring different naming style for his two boys, Keepitreal and Amblessed.

He likes hanging out with his family,and he is always proud of it as he shares their photos on his social media whenever they get out.

Here are some of his family’s photos.

How kenya is brought into crisis.

What comes into minds of many people when they hear of a crisis is always fear,since it is a threatening situation. This is the land that most people here,are now living.

Kenya,being a third world country and a nation we are always proud of as our mother,seem to be a land of crisis today.

Many may ask the “why” and “how” questions,which is good.  Our country Kenya,is brought into crisis always by its own people. Kenyans like putting things in bowels of assumption. This is just depicted from the way they do thinngs.

Kenya as a nation,has the government,which came about the time it gained independence back in the year 1963. The government,in its structure has different ministries to easen governance.

Health,Education,Sports,Land,interior security,Agriculture,Building construction and development,just mention but a few,are some of the ministries under the government. Each ministry has a role in governance,and thus has its own laws of operation,which have to be followed.

Many people in Kenya seem never to be following the laws of this different institution. This has worsened in the building and construction sector. Some contractors seem not to follow the laws and rules of construction. Most of them rush to finish their buildings early than normal,use low quality materials to save money and may be get the tenants to invest into their houses,just to get quick money. This actually seem to be against the construction laws.

It is these type of cases,that have seem many buildings collapsing in the recent past. This has gotten many people losing their lives,and others getting injured. For a nation,it is indeed a crisis,which can just be avoided. People lost lives in the past Huruma,Kisii and Kware respectively after buildings they were living collapsed. This crisis was also contributed to by the victims themselves,after they failed to obey the relocation notices given to them following the dangerous state that was seen on the buildings they were living.

Let us take another example from a different ministry,this time health ministry. There is currently a crisis being witnessed in health sector,following the ongoing strike of nurses. This is due to failure by the government to pay them their salaries. It has now created a big crisis which is leading to death of innocent patients in the hospitals. This nurses’ strike just came after another long lasting doctors’ strike,that greatly led to many kenyans suffering.

The government and its own people are now creating crisis in the nation,in one way or another. Corruption is still the country’s best friend,which is also bringing out crisis in different ways. Government officials tend to loot money meant for kenyans,which at the end lands the nation into crisis. Poor economic status,lack of education,drought and inflation are just some of the crisis we experience due to corruption.

Our nation holds literate,semi literate and illiterate minds,from its people. Those illiterate should be taught how things are supposed to be done,just to reduce ignorance. The literate should just do things how they are supposed to be done,or face the law. The government officials should avoid corruption to keep our country going,and save it from crisis.

Photos of a storey building that collapsed in Kware,Pipeline

The irony of Kenyan politics.

It is a law and a routine in Kenya that general elections are conducted every after five years.

There is a body that has been mandated the duty to do that,that is the Independent Electoral and Boundaries commision(IEBC).

This body(IEBC)is totally independent and has to run its activities independently,just like any other independent organisation.

Election period is now at the door steps,and IEBC is now in its final preparations of conducting the general elections. This is the time it is verifying the register of voters,just to ensure that every kenyan citizen,who has a right to vote,does not miss in the register come 8th August 2017.

As much as this body tries to do its best in ensuring free,fair and credible elections,it is facing a lot of challenges from Kenyan politicians.

It is very ironical for any person,political party or government to interfere with the activities of any independent body or organisation.At the moment,IEBC is facing a lot of critics and rejection from the opposition side of the government.

This started right away from the time of former IEBC chairman Mr Issack Hassan,when the opposition,that is CORD coalition started demonstrating in the streets of Nairobi every Monday,over the entire change of IEBC officials,stating that they had lost confidence in them.

They did there best till Mr Issack Hassan was removed from the office.

A new office of IEBC was formed,with Mr Wafula Chebukati as a new chairman.This move made Kenyans believe that the opposition,now NASA,was going to settle since the office they had no trust in,had moved out.

This seems to be an irony,since they(opposition)insisted of having their own parallel tallying centre.IEBC tried to reject the suggestion by NASA since it is the one mandated the tallying duty,but things finally ended up in court.

As if it was not enough,NASA again demanded that the constituency presidential results be final,moved to court and the court ruled in their favour.

Since it is only IEBC mandated the duty of conducting,tallying and announcing the election winners,it had to move to court to appeal the ruling.

I always ask myself what has gone wrong with Kenyan politics,but have ever lacked the answers.Is it lack of confidence in our presidential candidates?no one knows but the fact that IEBC is an independent body has to be respected.

Kenyan political drama does not end there,but extends to different kenyan regions where different politicians are seeking for different elective seats.

The irony here is,Kenyans seem not to be electing leaders according to their manfestos.The lust for money has spoilt the game.

Rich people who happens to dish money to people are probably the ones that are voted in.They have no manifestos to kenyans,but just because money talks for them.How i wish that Kenyans could borrow the idea of “kula kwa millionaire kura kwa kiongozi.”

During this coming elections,Kenyans should be vigilant enough to vote in leaders that will make Kenya a great nation again.Let us base on “kiongozi bora” and not “bora kiongozi.”

Man u wins UEFA Ueropa league.

Manchester United smashed Ajax Amsterdam 2-0 in the uefa ueropa league,in Stokholm stadium.

Manchester United took an early lead in the 18th minute after receiving a goal from Paul Pogba.

Ajax Amsterdam tried their level best to equalise the match but all was in vail.

They were demoralised more when Mkhitaryan added another goal for Man U in the 48th minute,a few minutes after the half time break.

The match got tougher for Ajax in the 2nd half,leading to an end of 2-0 win for Man U.

Man U coach Jose Maurinho and his team played well and thus deserved the trophy.

Blow to Wetang’ula as his brother rebels him to support Jubilee.

NASA co-principal Moses Wetangula’s brother,Fred Wetang’ula and youths close to him have dicided to rebel and support Jubilee.

The youths who are always in charge of Ford Kenya activities said they will work with predident Uhuru Kenyatta’s Jubilee party.

They opposed the Bungoma senator’s choice of candidtes for various seats in the county.

On Sunday the group met Governor Kenneth Lusaka who is the Jubilee point man in the region for talks on the coming polls.

Sources at the meeting said the youths agreed to work together to campaign for Uhuru’s re-election.

Uhuru and his deputy lands at Mkunguni square in Lamu

President Uhuru and his deputy William Ruto landed at Mkunguni square in Lamu at around 2.00pm today.

They are expected to address a political rally as they start their four-day tour of six coast counties.

They will later fly to Hola in Tana River county for another rally as the battle for the 1.7 million votes in the coast heightens.

The NASA team is also expected to tour the area from June 8.

Ksh.36m project set to upgrade key market in Bungoma county.

Bungoma,26th Jan 2017.By Mustapha Juma

Chwele market in Bungoma county is the 2nd largest open air market in East Africa,which serves Mt Elgon region and the neighbouring counties.

Governor Ken Lusaka has set up a Ksh36m project to rehabilitate the market.Speaking to the residents,Lusaka said that the market’s drainage system would be fixed.He also added that talks were at an advanced stage to provide clean water and electricity to the market centre,which would enable the market centre to operate 24 hours.

The residents were happy and congratulated their governor for the project,with a believe that this was not out of politics since Lusaka had urged them to support Jubilee in this year’s coming elections.

The market will now be able to serve a wider region,and create a strong economic state in the region.

11 dead,7 injured in Homabay-Kisumu road accident.

11 people died and 7 others seriously injured in a road accident involving a matatu along Kisumu-Homabay road today.

A 14 seater matatu heading to Kisumu from Migori lost control and veered off the road,causing the death of 14 people and 7 others injured.The injured were admitted at various local hospitals before they were transfered to Jaramogi Oginga hospital.

According to eyewitnesses the matatu was over speeding shortly before it veered off the road and rolled.Questions aroused as to why a 14 seater matatu was carrying 18 people,the thing that is also suspected to have contributed to the accident.

Many people who had boarded the matatu are said to be students who were going back to school.Drivers have been cautioned against over speeding and overloading the vehicles,and to be very careful on the roads.

Cooking gas cylinder explodes leaving two people injured.

A cooking gas cylinder exploded yesterday in a single room house on fourth floor in pipeline estate,Nairobi,leaving two men injured.

The gas cylinder which exploded at around 6:00 pm is said to have been leaking.The owners(injured men)realised and decided to take it outside but unfortunately it seemed to be too late to them.The cylinder broke the wall causing fire,and found its way out through the balcony,almost injuring people at the ground.The main two victims were rushed to a nearby medical care clinic for treatment.

One of the eye witnesses cautioned people to be always careful in handling the gas cylinder,and check regularly if any leakages may be there.The residents were also urged to be handling the cooking gas cylinders with much care.

Secret towards leading a healthy life.

It is very good for each and every person to lead a healthy life.Being one of them,here is my secret.

  1. Always eat a balanced diet.The body needs all essential nutrients for it to be healthy.This helps improve immune system of the body.
  2. Always have some body exercises.The foods we eat may contain some cholestrals and toxins.Body exercise will help eliminate those cholestrals and toxins 
  3. Be free from stress which may cause high blood pressure.Avoid thinking so much on a certain issue.
  4. Ensure that the food you eat is clean,especially vegetables and fruits.wash them with clean water.
  5. Ensure that manufactured foods are not expired.Expired foods leads to serious body complications.
  6. Eat to satisfaction,avoid over eating since the body requires a small amount of food,for proper digestion.

Be watchful:kids at play can take fatal falls from balconies.

As festivities draw near,children tend to become more joyous and playful.

This,in some instances,endangers their safety and lives,especially for those living in flats.

Because of the increased infrastructure development,there are few fields where children can play.The only spaces available to play at are the corridors and balconies.In December last year,a two-year-old child in pipeline estate,Nairobi,fell from the fourth floor and died.

Such cases may be witnessed.Parents should take precautions to avoid such cases.They should always be watchful.

Fight obesity,limit kids’ intake of soft sugar-laden drinks.

sugary soft drinks are becoming a problem for our children.This high sugar consumption is not only unhealthy but is also the highest contributor to obesity.Although statistics show people in all ages tend to consume a lot more added sugar than is advised,it is teenagers who consume more,with 42% of their daily-added sugar coming from soft drinks.A teenager’s recommended daily allowance of sugar is 19 grams per day for five year olds and 30 grams for ages 11 and 18 years.

A 330ml can of cola contains 35 grams of sugar,which exceeds the maximum recommendation for teenagers.(A 20 year study of120,000 men and women found that people who increased their sugary drink consumption by one 12-ounce serving per day gained more weight over time,on average).We should limit how much sugar our children take to reduce the obesity problem and ensure they are healthy.